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35+ Years Doll Repair and Restoration Experience

If you want to restore that childhood doll that has seen better days… Repair a collectible, antique or vintage doll that is damaged by time, play, smoke, the elements or improper storage. Let us care for your loved dolls with our 35 plus years of experience in Doll Restoration and Doll Repairs. We will be happy to talk to you about your repairs.

Call us at 352-382-3655. Free estimates on all repairs and restorations. We gladly accept hurricane, mold, mildew, fire and flood damaged dolls. General turn around time is 2-3 weeks. We will return your doll if for any reason you decide not to repair your doll. Hours of operation in the Doll Hospital are 7am to 7pm EST.

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Doll Repair Services

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DOLL RESTORATION – We can repair or replace missing or broken parts. Some doll materials such as composition can have defects such as a hole or cracks filled or repaired. We determine what materials to use. Broken porcelain parts must be replaced. If the doll repair is for a doll that is missing an arm or both arms or leg or both legs, we can replace it. Often restoration requires replacement of eyes, rocking or stationary. In all cases if the parts are available or can be found, we can fix the doll. Our professional doll restorers will quickly fix and return your doll.

DOLL CLEANING – We can clean and/or repair body surfaces using the latest safe and effective solvents and cleaners made specifically to clean antique dolls or doll parts (including the wig or hair). We can remove the dirt, grime, and smudges of all those years of love and play. We can remove SOME ink and marker stains. If paint is required after cleaning or if fill is required to fill defects, we will do that repair and then paint the part. Smoke damage and mold damage can be hard to clean, but usually will show significant signs of improvement to your doll.

VOICE BOX REPAIR – We restore the voice mechanism to many of the talking dolls such as Chatty Cathy, Chatty Baby, and Mrs Beasley. Contact us for information about your doll.

PORCELAIN DOLLS – Broken porcelain parts can be repaired if not more than 8 pieces, otherwise replacement parts will have to be used. Most repairs can be done without being very noticeable. We also replace broken eyes or limbs with new ones. Padding, re-stuffing and re-stringing are available.

COMPOSITION DOLLS – Re-string, repair crazing (fine line and cracks), open and close replacement eyes, stationary eyes, wigs, and new replacement arms and legs.

VINYL & HARD PLASTIC DOLLS – All repairs are available including replacement limbs, wigs, open and close eyes and new bodies.

WHAT WE DO NOT REPAIR – We do not repair Barbie dolls or any action Figure like GI Joe.

CLOTHING AND APPAREL – Our seamstress has over 25 years experience in Vintage and Antique Doll Clothing. Let us fit your doll with the appropriate clothing for her era in which the doll was made. We specialize in Bridal Gowns, Shirley Temple dresses, Dresses with pinafores and ballerina’s outfits available. We also remove smoke and age and odor from your old doll clothes. A complete doll restoration may include clothing. If required, we can replace clothing. We can make custom doll clothing to match an original or as shown in a photo or reference photograph. This is often the final doll restoration item that will restore a doll to the very best of your childhood memories. All of our clothing is custom-made.

ALSO AVAILABLE – Mohair, Human Hair and Acrylic wigs, Doll Stands, Shoes and Socks, Hats and Purses, etc.

SHIPPING AND PAYMENT – When sending your doll to the doll hospital, DO NOT use the original box or a box that you must have returned. We cannot make sure that your box will be used to return your doll. Use a good sturdy cardboard box or take your doll to a UPS store or to a Pack & Ship to pack your doll. Ship your doll with the Post Office, United Parcel Service or FED-EX. Always request tracking for your box. Fees for repairs and restorations are due at the time order is placed. Acceptable forms of payment are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Personal Check. We also take any debit cards that display one of the credit card trademarks.

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VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING – You MUST include a sheet inside your shipping box with your complete name, address, and (most importantly) a good working phone number. We very often receive boxes with no identifying details or contact information. Thanks!

MORE DETAILS – We can get replacement arms and legs for many dolls. If the dolls name or manufacturer are shown on back near neck, chances are that we will be able to find the replacement parts. When in doubt, call us. We can get you replacement parts for Tiny Tears and Dydee baby dolls (as close to original parts as possible). Please call for information on these dolls 352-382-3655.


Here’s what happy clients have said about our doll repair services:


Received my Santa doll back after the wonderful work you all did. He looks amazing!! Thank you so much for restoring him and returning him so quickly. I have another reason to look forward to Christmas! Wonderful job!!!!

A. A., Clearwater, FL

I just wanted to thank you for the work you did on my mother’s doll. My mother just loved getting what was a completely new doll back. The bonnet, the dress, the petticoats, the shoes were all so meticulously made and beautifully embroidered. My mom just adored them, as did I. Such beautiful work! Far better than came with the doll originally, I’m sure. I had no idea, when you said you could create clothing, that what you would provide would be of such lovely quality. I’m so pleased that she liked it, and for that, all thanks are due to you.

J. E., Raleigh, NC

Just want to thank-you for your wonderful “repair” of my Shirley Temple doll! Her familiar, smiling face and ringlet hair surprised me, and brought tears to my eyes when I opened the box on Christmas morning! My husband took the doll out of storage, sent her to you for repair, and kept it all a secret to me. I love her beautifully sewn and embroidered yellow dress with the lovely lace around the collar and sleeves. Her black, ”patent leather” shoes almost look like new, too! This doll was a Christmas gift from my parents when I was five years old. She was so special and I remember playing with her often, for many years. She has found a loving home again and I plan to take good care of her. Thank-you for your quality repair work!

J. H., Clinton, TN

I just had to send you an email and let you know what a surprise it was to open my mother’s doll. She was worn (and was in desperate need of repair) and she looked beautiful when you were finished with her. I just had to let you know yesterday I surprised my Mom and brought her doll to her (it was the only Doll she had growing up). It brought tears to her eyes and made her smile when she saw how beautiful she was. She called me last night and said she kept walking to her living room and saying, “I’m your Mommy and will take care of you now.” Thank you not only for your wonderful work, but also putting a smile on my 83 year old Mom’s face. I would highly recommend Dolls by Diane. You do awesome work!!

C. R., Reston, VA

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