Custom Doll Clothing & Furniture

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Custom Doll Clothing & Furniture

One of our most important services is the production of custom made clothing, costumes, and furniture for your doll, if your doll is being restored or is just in need of a new dress, outfit, or furniture piece to make her like-new again. For clothing, we have to have the doll sent to us since each outfit is made to fit. In most cases, our turn around time is about two weeks.

For furniture, please contact us and tell us what you are looking for. We will let you know what we have available, and can discuss your custom needs as well.

Let us care for your loved dolls with our 30 plus years of experience in Custom Doll Clothing, Bedding, & Furniture. We will be happy to talk to you about your repairs. Call us at 352-382-3655 or 1-800-813-3052. Free estimates on all repairs and restorations. We gladly accept mold, mildew, fire and flood damaged dolls. General turn around time is 2-3 weeks.

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Custom Doll Clothing, Bedding, & Furniture

CLOTHING AND APPAREL – Our seamstress has over 30 years experience in Vintage and Antique Doll Clothing. Let us fit your doll with the appropriate clothing for her era in which the doll was made. We specialize in Bridal Gowns, Shirley Temple dresses, Dresses with pinafores and ballerina’s outfits available. We also remove smoke and age and odor from your old doll clothes.

See (to the right) examples of our custom doll clothes. A complete doll restoration may include clothing. If required, we can replace clothing. We can make custom doll clothing to match an original or as shown in a photo or reference photograph. This is often the final doll restoration item that will restore a doll to the very best of your childhood memories. All of our clothing is custom-made. (ALSO AVAILABLE) – Mohair, Human hair and Acrylic wigs, Doll Stands, Shoes and Socks, Hats and Purses, etc.

DOLL FURNITURE – For furniture, please contact us and tell us what you are looking for. We will let you know what we have available, and can discuss your custom needs as well.


Here’s what happy clients have said about our doll repair services:


I was so taken back yesterday when I went to my e-mail and saw my mother’s doll, all repaired. It brought tears to my eyes because I knew what that would mean to my mother if she was alive. That doll was the only doll my mother had while growing up. When I was there, I came home with my parents from England. My Dad had been stationed there. That doll was sitting waiting for me at my grandparents to welcome me to America. I am now 59 and with my mom’s passing (September 11 of this year), her estate was almost settled. My brothers who had sold almost all of our family heirlooms were ready to take the doll to the trash. I said that I wanted her and no one could understand why. You saved a piece of my Mom and our family history for me. Thank You SO VERY MUCH.

B. S., Honeoye, NY

I received my Sassy Walker doll ‘Susie’ on Friday. She is beautiful! Thank you so much for all the work which was done to make her look so great. She looks like she will be able to make it another sixty years. Again, thank you for all you did to repair her.

B. K., Thurmont, Maryland

I was so happy to get my doll back today. What a great surprise as I wasn’t expecting her until sometime next week. It sure made my day. She is just beautiful. What impressive craftsmanship!!! I love the dress that was made for her. It is so pretty and expertly sewn and all the repairs are excellent. Thank you so much. She is a credit to your hard work.

E. W., Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

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