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Custom Doll Cases

ABOUT OUR CUSTOM DOLL CASES – Custom Made Fine Wood Cases are available! These cases are dust proof, airtight, protect your doll from ultraviolet rays and help preserve your doll and its clothing.

The ultimate in protection – the most beautiful hand finished case that we have been able to find. Please call (352) 382-3655 for more information. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and AMEX.

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Dolls For Sale

OUR CUSTOM ELDER DOLLS – Introducing Diane’s Original Limited Edition Great Grandpa and Great Granny dolls! A limit of no more than 500 sets of these dolls will be sold. Each of these dolls are individually crafted with fine porcelain heads and hands, and hand made cloth bodies.

These dolls are 34 inches tall and come with the handcrafted wood chair for each doll. If you prefer rocking chairs, they are available at an additional charge. We have made Great Granny and Great Grandpa for over 20 years and each set are truly a labor of love. By the way, Granny comes with her porcelain teeth shown here in her hand.

Please call (352) 382-3655 for Pricing. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

CUSTOM ELDER DOLLS (SMALL VERSION) – Here is our small version of our Great Granny and Great Grandpa dolls. These have porcelain heads, and hands and have a cloth body. These dolls are lovingly constructed in our shop when we have some time between doll repair jobs.

We have made Great Granny and Great Grandpa for over 20 years and each set are truly a labor of love. Hand crafted bench (seen) or chairs are available for purchase.

Call us at 352-382-3655 for pricing. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

(1) SHIRLEY TEMPLE DOLL – 18-inch body marked ’18 Shirley Temple’. Approximate Value $295.00. For sale for $100.00

(2) SUGAR BRITCHES – These 2 twin bed dolls with custom-made bodies for sale for $75.00 each.

(3) WILLIE THE BIKER – 32 inches tall with porcelain head, arms, and legs. Leather jacket and Harley hat. For sale for $300.00.

(4) SHILDKROTT – 14-inch Puppen German Doll for sale for $150.00.

ELKE HUTCHENS DOLLS (not pictured) – These dolls were made in 1991 in Oregon. We have certificates for all 4 dolls. They are in mint condition and carry a value of 2,000.00 for all 4 dolls. For Sale for 500.00 (set of four dolls).

Call us at 352-382-3655 to purchase any of these wonderful dolls. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.


Here’s what happy clients have said about our doll repair services:


Just wanted to let you know that I did receive my doll. She is beautiful and looks brand new! I want to thank you for your prompt service and your beautiful and careful work. You can be sure that I will be using you again in the future. Best regards, and thank you for your beautiful and prompt work!

E. E., Ridge, MD

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with Anna, my German doll. She is absolutely beautiful, even better than she was before her unfortunate encounter with the vacuum cleaner. I still can’t believe we were able to find an exact duplicate for her head. That, in itself, was truly amazing…You are a true artist! Her clothes are so gorgeous! She looks like a real little lady of her time about to go out to church on Sunday, or perhaps to a party. I just love her pearl necklace and her purse! Now, she would be a true treasure to any doll collector. Thank you so very much for your invaluable assistance. You are a miracle worker and a true artist!

A. B., Raleigh, NC

My little quintuplet doll Cecile arrived in perfect shape. I can’t believe how beautiful she looks. I want to thank you for all the exquisite clothes & bedding you made for her. You did a magnificent job and I am so very pleased. Thank You so much. I love her to pieces.

T. E., Kent, Washington

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